• Hello parents!

    A Google form has been created for student referrals for school counseling- this digital form can be completed by either student, teacher, or parent on a laptop or cellphone. I have sent this form to all of the teachers, uploaded it to google classroom, and asked them to make it accessible in their own individual classes as well.

    I want parents to have easy access to it too if you feel your child needs to see me for any concerns. Once the form is submitted, it will notify me in real time and I can work diligently to have your student scheduled.

    I will also have paper forms in the office and provided to teachers in case of any technical difficulties.

    I appreciate your involvement and am praying for a fruitful school year!

  • I love getting to meet and counsel with students. However, school counseling is aimed to be short term (6-8 weeks of providing consistent therapeutic services). For students who need more intensive/consistent counseling, there are great area resources!

    I found a helpful website called "psychology today" that allows you to search for area therapists and even filter them by gender, expertise, type of therapy, and cost/insurance type. I have also linked a page for low-income therapist resources in the area. 

    If you have specific questions about additional therapy referrals, please feel free to reach out to me.